Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Secret Music Top 20 December 2009

Hi -

After going two months or so without email, I'm getting two of these out
in a week's time. Lots of lost time to make up for. And this pretty much
finishes up the year for me. Next Sunday I do my annual holiday music special, then my end of year retrospective show, and then on to 2010. How time flies. Truth is,
I'll be glad for a new year. This one has certainly been difficult. After
working for a company that I knew was in trouble, I was laid off in
October. I spent a month and a half out of work before finally finding
something new. The new year shows promise, but there are no guarantees.
Even the holiday season, which should be a wonderful time of year, is
always bittersweet for me. Personal tragedy has struck more than once at
this time of year.

Makes me wonder why I continue doing this sometimes. It's a lot of work,
and there are more important things to worry about. I suppose it's because it's
inspiring. When there's a new CD in the mail, or new album to download,
there's still something magical about it. Discovering someone new, hearing
something interesting, it's genuinely uplifting. And most of all, it's the
people I meet along the way. I didn't do a lot of interviews this year,
but they were all special. Local musician Steven Lance came by to talk and
play some new things for me, Steve Jolliffe called in and related a really
funny story about the early days of Tangerine Dream, and Richard Lainhart
performed some truly beautiful music just last Sunday. And I got to go to
Electro Music 2009, where I saw a lot of great music and met some
wonderful people. So it definitely wasn't all bad.

I guess the point of all this rambling is that old saw about how music
hath charms to soothe the savage breast. In times like these, music has been
both an inspiration and an escape from the troubles of the world. So that's why I keep doing it. If it has this effect on me, I'm hoping it affects some of my audience
the same way. I won't make a lot of promises for the new year. Right now,
I'll settle for getting through it in one piece. Though there are a few
things I'll strive for, such as staying in better touch with people,
having more live interviews/performances, and some sort of web presence. I
don't know what the future will bring. You'll just have to stay tuned and
find out. Here's my December Top 20 Playlist. Enjoy and see you next year.

WVKR-FM "Secret Music" Top 20 Playlist
December, 2009

1. Holosphere - Parallel Universe - Holosphere
2. Ron Boots - Derby! - Groove Unlimited
3. Richard Lainhart - The Beautiful Blue Sky - O Town Music
4. Tempustry - Le Voyage Du Temps - Time Voyage
5. Northern Valentine - The Distance Brings Us Closer - Silber
6. Soporus - 24,110 - Burnt Toast Vinyl
7. Loscil - The Strathcona Variations - Ghostly International
8. Ian Boddy & David Wright - Shifting Sands - AD Music
9. Art Labriola - Silent Night - Art Labriola
10. Synth.nl - OceanoGraphy - Groove Unlimited
11. Duet For Theremin And Lap Steel - Duet - Duet Online
12. The Tangent Project - Surface - Tangent Project
13. Mister Vapor - In The Velvet Ether - Essentha Mundi
14. Cody Michaels - Winter Suite - Cody Michaels
15. Michele de Wilton - Myths & Legends - Michele de Wilton Records
16. Stanton Lanier - December Peace - Music to Light the World
17. Paul Avgerinos - Love - Round Sky Music
18. Richard Lainhart & Hakobune - Luminous Accidents - O Town Music
19. Julianna Barwick - Florine - Barwick
20. Christopher Boscole - O Christmas Tree - Centaur Records

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  1. Well done Scott. I enjoyed reading that post, and can identify with some of your thoughts.

    It's inspiring to see people such as yourself. You come across as very self motivated, and I think no matter what happens, you have music to support you like a cushion, and that kind of makes you invincible, no matter what happens. Never give that up. It's more important that just about anything.