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Secret Music News, July 2013

Hi -

  My name is Scott Raymond, and for those of you who don't know me, I'm a
New Age/Ambient/Electronic music DJ with WVKR-FM. WVKR is a 3700 watt
non-commercial station broadcasting from Vassar College to the greater
Hudson Valley region. My show, "Secret Music", has been on for over 26
years and has a large and devoted audience. The show airs every Sunday
from 9AM to 12 noon EST. For more information or to listen in online,
check out our website at     

  I'm always looking for new and interesting music to play. If you have
something you think I'd be interested in, feel free to send it to the address below. I'm perfectly
fine with downloads instead of CD's, especially for all you overseas
people who pay large sums of money to mail things here to the states. I
usually prefer high quality MP3's, though I can accept other formats if
necessary. Just send me an email for more info. At least half of what I
play these days comes to me through downloads. Thanks.                

  It's hard to believe I've been doing this for 26 years now. Doesn't seem
like that long. But the mountains of CD's tell me otherwise. I never expected it to last this
long, and I hope it continues for a long time. It's been a lot of fun and
I appreciate everyone, musician, listener, etc. who have supported me over
the years. I celebrated my 26th anniversary by having JEM of Symmetry come
in and perform live on the air. He's a great guy and talented musician.

  I've got a couple of events coming up over the next month on Secret
Music. First, on Sunday, July 28, Meg Bowles will be back in the studio to talk about her
music and play tracks from her CD"s. She's got a new album out, The
Shimmering Land, which is a fantastic ambient work. I'm very happy to have
her back. And on Sunday, August 4, pianist Rick Cutler will be back in the
studio to talk about his music and play tracks from his CD's. He's got a
new CD which he'll be premiering on my show. I'm looking forward to it.
I'm always happy to have musicians come in to play live or simply talk
about their music. It gives me a chance to get to know them and hear their
stories. After all these years, the people involved in the music have
become as important as the music itself. If you're in the area or passing
through and you'd like to stop by on a Sunday morning to talk or play
live, just let me know.

  There's a new service out called which allows you to record
radio shows (like mine). The website has more info. but it's basically a free service much
like a Tivo, which allows you to select and record radio shows for future
listening. Finally something for those of you who aren't around to listen
in on a Sunday morning.                  

  For more info or weekly playlists, check out my website below. I'm also
on Facebook, so look for me there too. Here's my top 20 playlist for June, 2013. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

 WVKR "Secret Music" Top 2o Playlist
      June, 2013

1. Emmalee Crane - Crowd Of Reeds - Self Released
2. Dead Can Dance - In Concert - PIAS Spain
3. Harold Budd - Bandits Of Stature - Darla
4. Rhian Sheehan - Stories from Elsewhere - Darla Records
5. Erik Wøllo - Celestia (ep) - Projekt
6. Telomere - Lux Primordia - Evenfall Music
7. Chris Russell - Portal - Relaxed Machinery
8. Axess - Aviator - Spheric Music
9. Lloyd Cole & Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Selected Studies, Vol.1 - Bureau B
10. Sensitive Chaos - Amerisynthecana - Subsequent Records
11. Greg Maroney - Hope Resides
12. Louis Landon - Ten Years - Landon Creative, Inc
13. Alio Die & Mathias Grassow - Praha Meditations - Hic Sunt Leones
14. Fanger & Schonwalder - Earshot - Manikin Records
15. Broekhuis, Keller & Schonwalder - Eglise de Betzdorf - Manikin Records
16. Duncan Goddard - Electrical Tape - Self Released
17. Pan American - Cloud Room, Glass Room - Kranky
18. The Narrows - There's A Ghost In Me - Self Released
19. Joe Bongiorno - Into the Wind - Piano Haven
20. Bill Ylitalo - Djam Gong - Bodhi Bridge

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