Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Secret Music News, July 2014

Hi -

  My name is Scott Raymond, and for those of you who don't know me, I'm a
New Age/Ambient/Electronic music DJ with WVKR-FM. WVKR is a 3700 watt
non-commercial station broadcasting from Vassar College to the greater
Hudson Valley region. My show, "Secret Music", has been on for over 27
years and has a large and devoted audience. The show airs every Sunday
from 9AM to 12 noon EST. For more information or to listen in online,
check out our website at         

  I'm always looking for new and interesting music to play. If you have
something you think I'd be interested in, feel free to send it to the address below. I'm perfectly
fine with downloads instead of CD's, especially for all you overseas
people who pay large sums of money to mail things here to the states. I
usually prefer high quality MP3's, though I can accept other formats if
necessary. Just send me an email for more info. At least half of what I
play these days comes to me through downloads. Thanks.                   

  So much has happened since my last email. Lots to catch you up on.
First, I went silent for a while in June and July. Not my fault, really. The gist of it is that
horrendous computer/network issues kept me from accessing email for a
couple of weeks. I didn't lose any data, but hardware was replaced. All is
well, at least for the moment. If I missed someone along the line, I'm
sorry. Wasn't much I could do. 

  June had a couple of nice events. First, I celebrated 27 years of Secret
Music. Doesn't seem like that long ago, really. So much time has passed, so many changes
in the music business. But there's still a lot of great music out there
and wonderful people who make the music and more wonderful people who
listen to my show. I celebrated by playing local music to honor the
community that has supported me for so long. And also in June, I hosted
Peter Calandra for an interview. A really nice guy and great musician.

  There are a whole bunch of great live concerts coming to the area in
July and August. Some big names, and some really interesting performances. I hope some of you in
the area can make it out to a show or two. Check out this link for more

  If any of you out there happen to be in the area and want to stop by for
an interview or to perform live, I'd love to have you here. I'm always looking for interviews
and/or performances from interesting people. Send me an email and we'll
work something out. For more info or weekly playlists, check out my
website below. I'm also on Facebook, so look for me there too. Here's my
top 20 playlist for June, 2014. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

 WVKR-FM "Secret Music" Top 20 Playlist
      June, 2014

1. Matteo Palmer - Out Of Nothing - Self Released
2. Peter Calandra - Inner Circle - Self Released
3. Bruno Sanfilippo - Claroscuro - AD21
4. Steve Roach - At The Edge Of Everything - Timeroom Editions
5. Loren Nerell and Mark Seelig - Tree of Life - Projekt
6. Marc Barreca & K.Leimer - Premap - Palace Of Lights
7. Fanger & Schonwalder - Analog Overdose 5 - Manikin Records
8. The Winterhouse - Gathering Autumn - Dataobscura
9. Marsen Jules - Beautyfear - Self Released
10. Robert Scott Thompson - Arcana - Relaxed Machinery
11. Onewayness & Drachemusik - Immeasurable - MCSD
12. Chronotope Project - Dharma Rain - Udana Music
13. Intelligentsia - Cosmonaut - Self Released
14. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos VII - Kranky
15. Steve Roach - Spiral Meditations - Timeroom Editions
16. Bob Ardern - Craftsman - Self Released
17. Andrew J.Douglas - Blossom River - Jennica
18. The Cosmic Arc - Feed Your Head - Self Released
19. Ann Sweeten - Tapestries of Time - Orange Band Records
20. Yann Novak - Snowfall - Dragons Eye

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