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Secret Music Playlists, October and November 2014

Hi -

  Sorry it's taken me so long to update this, but I went to Ireland in
early October and started moving as soon as I got back. Still moving and unpacking,
but I'm starting to get caught up. Enclosed are playlists for October 19 and 26. along with
November 2 and 9. Enjoy!

            Secret Music Playlist, 10/19/2014

   Artist            Song            Album

Steve Roach            The Delicate Forever    The Delicate Forever

Solar Ocean            Part 2            Enter Serenity
Patterns Of The Sky        Dusk            The Long Flight
Parikrama            Himaphan        Manusyalora

Porya Hatami            Firefly            The Garden
Porya Hatami & Lee Anhony Norris   Orpheus In The Willow   Every Day Feels Like A New Drug
Boreal Taiga            Trail Of The Tongass    At Gutu

Daniel Bachman            Pig Iron        Orange County Serenade
Andy McKee            Mythmaker        Mythmaker
Maya Beiser            Little Wing        Uncovered
Louis Colainnia            Godamia            Closer
Michael Logozar            Carousel        Dreams From Afar

Erik Wollo            Perma            Tundra
Saul Stokes            We Launch Tonight    LFOUFO
Jonn Serrie            Day Star        Day Star

Iotronica            Destination Io        Of Moons And Stars
Alpha Wave Movement        Horizon            Horizons
Craig Padilla            Behind The Lightning    Sonar

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh        Bo N Leathadharoe    The Small Hours
Michael O'Brien            Anachie Gordon        Natural Instinct Of
Ikarumba            #1            Live At PP McCarthys
Mick O'Brien            My Lagan Love        The Ancient Voice Of Ireland
Tina Mulrooney            The Coolin        Celtic Notes
Theresa Horgan & Matt Griffin    Unplugged        Youtube

            Secret Music Playlist, 10/26/2014

   Artist            Song            Album

Dirk Serries            Transfuse The Phantom    The Origin Reversal

Boreal Taiga            Canoe    At Gutu
Porya Hatami & Lee Anhony Norris  And The Birds Flew In A Different Direction   Every Day Feels Like A New Drug
Porya Hatami            Ant            The Garden

Jonn Serrie            Eden's Waypoint        Day Star
Erik Wollo            Taiga            Tundra
Saul Stokes            Light Thrower        LFOUFO

Andy McKee            The Reason        Mythmaker
Daniel Bachman            Orange County Serenade    Orange County Serenade
Maya Beiser            Summertime        Uncovered
Louis Colainnia            Aurora            Closer
Michael Logozar            Musette            Dreams From Afar

Craig Padilla            Challenger Deep        Sonar
Alpha Wave Movement        Remnant            Horizons
Iotronica        Drifting Towards Antares    Of Moons And Stars

Parikrama            Pubbavideha        Manusyalora
Patterns Of The Sky        Upstreams        The Long Flight
Solar Ocean            Part 1            Enter Serenity

Pauline Scanlon        Dearthairin O Mo Chroi        The Music Of Dingle
Lumiere                Fill FIll A Runo    Lumiere
Sean O Riada            Aisling Gheal        Claddagh's Choice
Derek Bell            The Dawning Of The Day    Claddagh's Choice
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh        The Bold Fenian Men    The Small Hours
Tina Mulrooney            The Kesh        Celtic Notes

            Secret Music Playlist, 11/2/2014

   Artist            Song            Album

Phillip Wilkerson        The Silence Of One    Highlands Outtakes

Alpha Wave Movement        Starbound        Horizons
Jonn Serrie        The Sum Over Histories        Day Star

Craig Padilla            Sonar            Sonar

Steve Roach            The Wellspring        The Delicate Forever
Dirk Serries            Radiant Down        The Origin Reversal

Penguin Cafe Orchestra        Scherzo And Trio    Union Cafe
Penguin Cafe Orchestra        Red Shorts        Oskar Und Leni
Ralph Towner            Dark Spirit        Diary
Ralph Towner            The Lutemaker        Anthem

Erin Duignan            Sean O'Duibhin        The Music Of Dingle
Michael O'Brien            The Burnt Mattress    Natural Instinct Of
Ikarumba            #7            Live At PP McCarthys
Mick O'Brien            Roisin Dubh        The Ancient Voice Of Ireland

Peter Ganriel            Across The River    Music And Rhythm
Penguin Cafe Orchestra    The Sound Of Someone You Love...    Music From The Penguin Cafe

            Secret Music Playlist, 11/9/2014

   Artist            Song            Album

Fratoroler            Origami            Chez Ricco

Woodworkings    A Candy Coated October    Day Breaks The Morning Shapes We Speak
Talk West            Set Adrift        Black Coral Sprig
Jared Smith            A Steep Drop        Fjall

Erren/Fleissig/Schottler/Steffen    Oblivion    Night On Ouddorp
David Wright            Gravity Waves        Beyond The Airwaves Vol.1
Embrase                After Eight Years    Another Day, Another World

Steve Moore            Endless Caverns        Pangaea Ultima
M.Dempsey            Pink Moon        Music From A Planetarium
Pjusk                Glott            Solstov

Borghi/Teager            Joyce's Fanfare        Shades Of Bending Light
Matthew Barlow            Warm Air        Sun Showers
Motzer/Reuter            Descending        Descending

Bruckner & Everling        Gathering        Sparrows
Real Time            Lost In Space        Journey Into Space
Real Time            Running Asteroids    Solar Walk

Deaf Center            Oblivion        Recount

Trevor Gordon Hall        The Blue Hour        Mind Heart Fingers
Marika Takeuchi            Rain In The Park    Rain Stories
Peter Jennison            The Journey To You    Coming Home
Jill Haley            Thread Of Continuity    Mesa Verde Soundscapes
Rebecca Harrold            Photograph        The River Of Life
Tim Neumark            Anticipation        Storm

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