Sunday, January 17, 2016

Secret Music Playlist, January 17, 2016

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, January 17, 2016. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

            Secret Music Playlist, 1/17/2016

   Artist            Song            Album

Steve Roach            Vortex 1        Alive In The Vortex

Robert Scott Thompson        Trajectory        Pale Blue Dot
Olan Mill            Gurriva            Cavade Morlem
Christopher Bissonnette        Shuttering Slides    Pitch, Paper & Foil

Bing Satellites            Stoltenhopf        Of The Seven Seas
Jacob Newman & Devin Underwood    Built From Amber    Sending The Past
Aglaia                Silene Nocturna        Florealia Nocturna

Air Craft            Opening            So Near, So Far
Brian Kelly            View From The Swing    Butterfly Rapture
Candice Night            In My Arms        Starlight, Starbright
Angelo Rapan        Whispering Of The Forest    Songs Of Leaving

Common Ground            Spirited Encounter    Common Ground
Ray Sammartano            Looking Glass        Through The Chronos Lens
Emma Zoe Elkinson        Part VI            Discreet Music

David Bowie    My Death    Ziggy Stardust The Motion Picture Soundtrack
David Bowie            Warszawa        All Saints
David Bowie            Moss Garden        All Saints
David Bowie            The Mysteries        All Saints

Ben Neill            Horizonal        Horizonal
Arcane                Hawthorn        Contagion
John Christian            Pacific            Sol Invictus

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