Sunday, May 21, 2017

Secret Music Playlist, May 21, 2017

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, 5/21/2017. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 5/21/2017

   Artist            Song            Album

Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin    I        Olivebridge
Anjou                Soucouyant        Epithymia

Ryan Huber & Erik Waterkotte    Antag VI        And Now They Are One
Justin Walter            Isotope            Unseen Forces
Taylor Deupree             Evode            Somi

Dreamstate Vs.Heiki        Stoney Beach        Stone Shore
High Plains            Black Shimmer        Cinderland
Forrest Fang            Trees In A Clearing    This Music Plants Trees 2

Adam Werner            Thank You        Deep
Kevin Kastning            No Light; But Rather    A Connection Of Secrets
David Franklin            Shade & Darkness    Songs Of Potential Embrace
Gina Lenee            Soulmates        Red Diamonds
Richard Dillon            Rocking Chair        The Land Of Nod

Between Interval        Fields Of Neptune    Legacy
Sverre Knut Johansen        Genetic Programs    Secret Space Program
Ray Sammartano            Phosphene Glide        Dream Switch

Markus Reuter & Robert Rich  We Will Walk Away Unscathed   Lift A Feather
To The Flood Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy    Memento            Memento
A Winged Victory For The Sullen     The Endless Battle Of The Maudlin Ballade Pt.2  Iris

Ian Ethan Case            The Gears Of Man    Into Open Land
Ian Ethan Case            Butter II        Run Toward The Mountains
Antoine Dufour            Vibe            Development
Antoine Dufour            Lost In Your Eyes    Convergence
Antoine Dufour            30 Minutes In London    Existence

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