Sunday, September 17, 2017

Secret Music Playlist, September 17, 2017

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, September 17, 2017. This was my portion
of the annual WVKR Pledge Drive. I raised over $500 in 3 hours. Thanks to everyone who
called in with donations. I really appreciate it. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 9/17/2017

   Artist            Song            Album

David Sylvian & Holger Czukay    Premonition        Plight & Premonition

Chris Russell            Anake            Spectra
Fictions & Poetics        Organic Calibrations    Intersections
Jack Hertz & Michael Meara    Opusculum Geographicum Pt.III    Terra Australis

Arcane                The Seven Numbers    Live At E-Day 2017
Ramp                Torque            Synchronize Or Die

Campfire's Edge            March Of The Tortoise    The Last Lighthouse
Tapes And Topographies          An Illustrious Career    Signal To Noise
Roy Mattson            In All Her Phases    Melancholy Moon

Dreamstate Vs.Heiki        Stoney Beach        Stone Shore
Peter Calandra            Woodland Valley        Ashokan Memories
Peter Calandra            The New Dawn        The Road Home
Peter Calandra            The Wayfarer        Inner Circle

Robert Rich            Strange Passage        Foothills
Vidna Obmana            From Within The Cold    Near The Flogging Landscape
Alpha Wave Movement        Cerulean Sky        Cerulean Skies

Alex Anderson            Because It's There    Tree Of Life
Flow                Waiting For Sunshine    Flow
Penguin Cafe            Franz Schubert        The Imperfect Sea
Paul McCandless            Witchi Tai To        Morning Sun

Rudolf Heimann            Skywalker        Touch The Sky
Julio DiBenedetto & Anthony Paul Kerby    Dragonfly    Falling Into Place   
Tapana                Letters From Jonathan    Letters From Jonathan

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