Sunday, February 4, 2018

Secret Music Playlist, February 4, 2018

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, 2/4/2018. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 2/4/2018

   Artist            Song            Album

Dreamphonic            Drift 01        Guitar Drift

Sujo                Haganah            A Deeper Curse
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith   Who I Am & Why I Am Where I Am    The Kid
Robert Haigh            Sunken Pavilions    Creatures Of The Deep

Aetopus                Numen            Totem Totum
Robert Scott Thompson        Resonant Clockwork    Alphabet Of The Trees
Byron Metcalf & Jennifer Grais    They Were Here        They Were Here

Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo    And In The Water    Ethereal I
Eugene Friesen            Shadowplay        The Essential Collection
Joseph Akins            Mystery Cafe        Into The Flow
Peter Kater            Dancing On Water    Dancing On Water
Richard Dillon            Ring Around The Moon    Ring Around The Moon

Keeler                The Ecstasy Of Being    Autofocus
Keeler                Storsjo Leviathan    The Present Link
Keeler                Soma Rhapsody        The Age Of The Inventor
Keeler                Hatching Bold Plots    Trapped In The Hi-FI Zone

K.Leimer            The Human Condition    Imposed Order
K.Leimer            Foreign Course        Imposed Absence
Tapes & Topographies    A Year Of Disappointments    Fathoms
Forrest Fang            Nocturnum        Scenes From A Ghost Train

Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo        Verdant            Meridian
Stan Dart            Zero G            Supernova
Perceptual Defence & Syndromeda    Two Aliens Conversating In The Silent
Space III   Live At Cosmic Nights 2017

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