Sunday, August 8, 2010

Secret Music Playlist, August 1 & August 8, 2010

Hi -

Here's my playlists for Sunday, August 1, 2010 and Sunday, August 8,
2010. Lots of great new stuff this month. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

Secret Music Playlist, 8/1/2010

Artist Song Album

Steve Roach Morning Of Ages Sigh Of Ages

Aglaia Lampis Noctiluca Nacked Movements
Nettless Beyond The Wall Of Sleep From Beyond
Markus Mehr Softwar Lava

Near The Parenthesis Not Here, Not Tonight Music For The Forest Concourse
Nest Kyoto Retold Pausal Lapsing Lapses

Dave Luxton Staring Into The Abyss Portal
Phillip Wilkerson Embraced Interplay
Causeyoufair It's All Because Of You There I Lay And Time Imperfections

K.Leimer Paper Telephone Degraded Certainties
Marc Barreca Near Greenwater Subterrane
Gregory Taylor Simon Petrus Dua Belas

Ben Fleury-Steiner The Dust That Lies Between Drifts
Mikronesia Erd Iris Or Comfortable Too
William Fields Indra Timbre
Ben Fleury-Steiner A Voice, A Silent Cry, Forever Remaining In The Air As
A Means Through Which I Can Speak

A Viberatto Riiver A
Andrew Thomas Changing Woman's Blessing Changing Woman's Blessing
Antoine Dufour Lost In Your Eyes Convergences
Sergio Altamura Dancing Trees Aria Meccanica
Maya Beiser Memories Pt.1 Provenance
Jeffrey Fisher Home On The Range Satyagraha

Secret Music Playlist, 8/8/2010

Artist Song Album

Ray Carl Daye Spectral Navigator Spectral Navigator

Causeyoufair A Flame That Through Peace There I Lay And Time Imperfections
Phillip Wilkerson Frontier Interplay Dave Luxton Cellar Door Portal

Near The Parenthesis Good Evening Music For The Forest Concourse
Nest Trans Siberian Retold
Pausal One Watery Lens Lapses

Markus Mehr Cousteau Lava
Aglaia Sensitive Plants Nacked Movements
Nettless The Other Gods From Beyond

K.Leimer Angoisse Degraded Certainties
Marc Barreca The Sadness Of Things Subterrane
Gregory Taylor Andreas Dua Belas

Rob Eberhard Young Trance Dance Sticks And Stones
Raymond Williams Berceuse Quietime
Stuart Weber Gallatin Jig Hired Man's Dream
James Wilkinson Hoarfrost Because Of The Rain
Adam Werner Apprentice Of A Dead Man Signatures
Greg West Inside Passage Orion Ascending

A Viberatto Night A
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Perpetuum Mobile Signs Of Life
Andrew Thomas Horse Riding Song Changing Woman's Blessing
Sergio Altamura Final Blu Aria Meccanica
Antoine Dufour In My Own Rhythms Convergences
Maya Beiser Only Breath Pt.2 Provenance

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