Saturday, March 12, 2011

Upcoming Events in April and May, 2011

The next couple of months will be very busy with live interviews,
and a performace or two. One or two of these are still a bit tentative,
but hopefully all works out well.

Sunday, April 3 - I'm happy to welcome guitarist Ed Gerhard for a live
interview. He's performing in the area, and I'm happy to finally get a
chance to meet him.

Sunday, April 10 - I'm very excited to welcome ambient musician Meg Bowles
for a live interview. Her first album in over 10 years is out, and I love

Sunday, April 17 - The band Northern Valentine will be in the area for a
performance. They won't be live on the show, but will be stopping by the
WVKR studios on Saturday to record an exclusive performance. You'll hear
the results on Sunday.

Sunday, May 8 - I'm pleased to welcome ambient musician Rapoon (Robin
Storey) for a live interview. He'll be performing at the One Thousand
Pulses concert series, and I'm happy to have him stop by for an interview.

Sunday, May 15 - I welcome back Vic Rek of the Ricochet Dream record label
and Ricochet Gatherings concert series to talk about his recent activities
with both and play lots of cool electronic music.

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