Sunday, December 28, 2014

Secret Music Playlist, December 28, 2014

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, December 28, 2014. This is my best of
2014 retrospective show. All the best music of the past year. I'll be back next week to start
2015 with all new music. Happy New Year!

   Secret Music Playlist, 12/28/2014

   Artist            Song            Album

Lucette Bourdin            Turbulent Seas        Breath Of Grace
Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes    Procession Of Ancestors       The Ancestor Circle

Coemgin Cuil    A Fleeting Moment In A Floating World    Murmurations
Hammock            Then The Quiet Explosion    Oblivion Hymns
A Winged Victory For The Sullen        Atomos III    Atomos

Jon Hassell            Voiceprint        City: Works Of Fiction
Markus Reuter            Olga            Sultry Kissing Lounge
Jonn Serrie            Day Star        Day Star

Masako            Lullaby For The Hills        The Gathering II
Matteo Palmer            Wooded Trails        Out Of Nothing
Peter Calandra            Better Angels        Inner Circle
Matthew Schoening        Odyssey            Narrow Path
Penguin Cafe            Solaris            The Red Book
Alexander Turnquist        Finding The Butterfly    Flying Fantasy

Thought Guild            Vapor Trails        Electric Curios
Alpha Wave Movement        Horizon            Horizons
Emerald Web            Stepper            The Stargate Tapes
David Parsons            Arhat            Stupa

Jeff Pearce            With Evening Above    With Evening Above
Darshan Ambient            Cluster            Songs From The Deep Field
Matt Borghi & Micheal Teager    Daisy Chain        Shades Of Bending Light

Node                Doppler            Node 2
Erren/Fleissig/Schottler/Steffen    Gate        Night On Ouddorp
Robert Rich            Morphology        Morphology
Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo        Reverie            EC12

Ray Spiegel Ensemble        Tal Sawari        Moksha

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