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Secret Music News, January 2015

Hi -

  I'm changing the format a bit, to put the news and more interesting bits
at the front. It's New Year's Day 2015. 2014 for me was... interesting. Some of it good, some of
it bad. It wasn't the year I expected or wanted going in, and I'm glad
it's done and I'm hoping for calmer seas ahead. There's been great music,
and a couple of great interviews. Hopefully there'll be more of that in
the new year, too. It's nice to put faces to names. I'm not sure what the
new year will bring, but I'll do my best to keep inflicting strange music
upon the unsuspecting masses.

 Um... I mean...

  But seriously folks, thanks for making great music, thanks for sending
it to me, and most of all thanks for listening. It's nice to know that people appreciate the
music and the effort. Support the music you love. The people who make it
are people just like the rest of us, trying to make their way in this
world. Make sure they know their efforts are appreciated, too.

  I've been working on my own creative endeavors with what little time I
can find. I've victimized a few of you with my photographic endeavors, and most of you
still speak to me. Mostly landscapes and cemeteries, with a few odd things
thrown in here and there. It's work, but it's fun too. I'm working on
making it more available for others to see. If you're interested, let me

  Most of you know me at this point. but there's a few that might not. My
name is Scott Raymond, and for those of you who don't know me, I'm a New
Age/Ambient/Electronic music DJ with WVKR-FM. WVKR is a 3700 watt
non-commercial station broadcasting from Vassar College to the greater
Hudson Valley region. My show, "Secret Music", has been on for over 27
years and has a large and devoted audience. The show airs every Sunday
from 9AM to 12 noon EST. For more information or to listen in online,
check out our website at          

  I'm always looking for new and interesting music to play. If you have
something you think I'd be interested in, feel free to send it to the address below. I'm perfectly
fine with downloads instead of CD's, especially for all you overseas
people who pay large sums of money to mail things here to the states.
Don't get me wrong. I love CD's and love to see nice packaging. But I know
what it costs to mail such things, too. It's up to you. I usually prefer
high quality MP3's, though I can accept other formats if necessary. Just
send me an email for more info. At least half of what I play these days
comes to me through downloads. Thanks.  

  Many of you have noted that my mailing address has changed, though some
of you may want to double check. I wouldn't want something to get lost or returned
when mail forwarding runs out. For various reasons, I've decided to go
with a PO Box for the foreseeable future. Please use the following address
for all mailings through traditional post. For UPS/package mailings,
please contact me for a suitable shipping address. Thanks for your

Scott Raymond/WVKR
PO Box 146
Fishkill, NY 12524                   

  For more info or weekly playlists, check out my website below. I'm also
on Facebook, so look for me there too. Here's my top 20 playlist for December, 2014 along
with my list of top 25 albums for 2014. Enjoy!

 WVKR-FM "Secret Music" Top 20 Playlist
  December, 2014

1. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos - Kranky
2. Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes - The Ancestor Circle - Projekt
3. Jeff Pearce - Solitude: December - Self Released
4. Grouper - Ruins - Kranky
5. Erwilian - Midwinter's Night - Self Released
6. Jacaszek & Kwartludium - Catalogue Des Arbres - Touch
7. Erik Wøllo and Bernhard Wöstheinrich - Weltenuhr - DiN
8. Andrew Lahiff - Slow Paths Beyond - Relaxed Machinery
9. Palancar - Counting Raindrops - Earth Mantra
10. Jason Sloan - Deluge - gterma
11. Csillagkod - Silent World - Spotted Peccary Music
12. Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell - Vague Traces - Spotted Peccary Music
13. Kendra Logozar - Peace - Self Released
14. BVDub & Loscil - Erebus - Glacial Movements
15. Olivier Briand & Bertrand Loreau - Interferences - Spheric Music
16. Bertrand Loreau - Spiral Lights - Spheric Music
17. Dan Chadburn - Whispers the Falling Snow - Self Released
18. Rick Sparks - Endless - Self Released
19. Nick Farr - Of Time and Place - Riverboy
20. Hypnosphere - Timedrift - Spheric Music

  WVKR-FM "Secret Music" Top 25 Albums of 2014

1. Jeff Pearce - With Evening Above - Jeff Pearce Music
2. Matteo Palmer - Out Of Nothing - Self Released
3. V/A - The Gathering II - West River Records
4. David Parsons - Stupa - gterma
5. Node - Node 2 - DiN
6. Jon Hassell - City: Works Of Fiction - All Saints
7. Thought Guild - Electric Curios - Harmonic Resonance Recordings
8. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos - Kranky
9. Emerald Web - The Stargate Tapes - Finders Keepers
10. Matthew Schoening - Narrow Path - Solo Electric Cello
11. Jonn Serrie - Day Star - New World Music
12. Erren/Fleissig/Schottler/Steffen - Night On Ouddorp - Self Released
13. Hammock - Oblivion Hymns - Hammock Music, LLC
14. Robert Rich - Morphology - Periphery
15. Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes - The Ancestor Circle - Projekt
16. Penguin Cafe - The Red Book - Editions Penguin Cafe
17. Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo - EC 12 - DiN DDL
18. Darshan Ambient - Songs from the Deep Field - Spotted Peccary Music
19. Alpha Wave Movement - Horizons - Harmonic Resonance Music
20. Alexander Turnquist - Flying Fantasy - Western Vinyl
21. Markus Reuter - Sultry Kissing Lounge - Iapetus
22. Peter Calandra - Inner Circle - Self Released
23. Lucette Bourdin - Breath Of Grace - Dark Duck
24. Matt Borghi / Michael Teager - Shades of Bending Light - Slobor Media
25. Cóemgín Cùil - Murmurations - Kevin Keller Productions

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