Sunday, January 4, 2015

Secret Music Playlist, January 4, 2015

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, 1/4/2015.Happy New Year to everyone. Lots
of great new music to start the new year. Enjoy!

   Secret Music Playlist, 1/4/2015

   Artist            Song            Album

Syndromeda            The Smell Of Fear    Connected

Markus Reuter            Cagliari        6 Reflections
Loscil & Fieldhead        With Northerly Winds    Fury And Hecta
Loscil                In Threes        Sea Island

Urenga                Lemuria            Mu (The Lost Continent)
Seetyca                Sonnenstropffen        Lieder Zum Summen
Gleisberg & Grassow        Nova Incognita        Gleisberg & Grassow

Pharamond            Hidden Scheme        Orbis Tertius
TM Solver            The Dream        Namaste

Robert Rich            The Gate Is Open    Ambient Music To Heal
Dave Luxton            Inside Of Us        Remnants
Emerald Web            Starsail        Whispered Visions

Antonio Testa & Michel Moglia    Through The Fire    Forget The Past
Subradial            Dance Of Shadows    Ice Diving
Dave Fulton            Dread Not        Of Those Things Left Unsaid

Kaki King            Zamzam Well        Everybody Glows
Harold Budd            Jane 13            Jane 12-21
Neil Tatar & David Darling    Where Did The Time Go    Where Did The Time Go
Tom Teasley            Dance Of Aphrodite    The Love Of The Nightingale
Denise Young            Passionata        Passionata

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