Monday, January 31, 2011

Secret Music Playlist, January 30, 2011

Hi -

Here's my playlist for Sunday, January 30, 2011. This time I was happy
to have in the studio local musician Jimmy Goodman of A Viberatto. We had a great time talking about his music and playing songs from his CD 'A'. Next week I'll have in the studio special guest Darren Bergstein of the One Thousand Pulses house
concert series in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. To promote this, I played a
Youtube clip of an excerpt from one of the previous performances he's
hosted, Wolfram Spyra of Germany. I hope you all can listen in. Enjoy and
stay warm.

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

Secret Music Playlist, 1/30/2011

Artist Song Album

David Parsons Akash Akash
Picture Palace Music Right Of Ascension Midsummer

The American Dollar Equinox Ambient Two
Hummingbird Seeds Of Deception Our Fearful Symmetry
Black Swan Part VII Black Swan

DB Tundra Analogue
False Mirror The Vent Derelict world
Chuck Van Zyl The Dead Of Winter Memoryspace

Rick Cutler Song For Noel First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch
William Ackerman The Waves In November New England Roads
Loreena McKennitt The Death Of Queen Jane The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Don Ross It's FUn Being Lucky Breakfast For Dogs
Gareth Pearson Paranoid Android Urban Echoes Vol.1

A Viberatto Riiver A
A Viberatto Road A

A Viberatto Polar A
A Viberatto Rooster A

A Viberatto East A
A Viberatto Glacier A

Spyra Untitled Youtube Live Clip

Monday, January 17, 2011

Secret Music Playlist, January 16, 2011

Hi -

Here's my playlist for Sunday, January 16, 2011. I was very happy to
have pianist Rick Cutler come back in for a live interview to talk about his music. He's a great guy and it was a very good interview. I'll be off on the 23rd as I
have to work, but I'll be back on January 30 with a live interview with Jimmy Goodman of A Viberatto. Enjoy and stay warm!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

Secret Music Playlist, 1/16/2011

Artist Song Album

Ombient The Initiation Ritual Rites Of Passage

Mains De Givre Le Cercle Des Moeurs Esther Marie
Magnetic Wind Gravity Astral Vortexes
The American Dollar Anything You Synthesize Ambient One

Nattefrost Close Encounter Dying Sun Scarlet Moon
Picture Palace Music Midsummer's Night Midsummer

Rick Cutler Isle Of Words Forgotten First Melancholy, Then The Night
Stretch Rick Cutler Sienna Sanctuaries

Rick Cutler Early Morning Antique Lamp Sanctuaries
Rick Cutler Measuring Eternity First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch

Rick Cutler Alien Landscape 3 First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch
Rick Cutler Gloria Sanctuaries
Rick Cutler A Song You've Heard Before First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch

Rick Cutler Thursday Morning Sanctuaries
Rick Cutler Charlottes Road Before Her First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch

Rick Cutler Thank You First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch
Rick Cutler Japanese Eclipse Sanctuaries

A Viberatto Rooster A
Loreena McKennitt The Wind That Shakes The Barley The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Don Ross Crazy/Michael, Michael, Michael Breakfast For Dogs!
William Ackerman The River Is Wide/Shenandoah New England Roads
Gareth Pearson Time To Pretend Urban Echoes Vol.1
Gareth Pearson Adrenaline Rush Urban Echoes Vol.1

Saturday, January 15, 2011

CD's vs. Downloads

Hi -

I posted this on an online forum, and I thought some of you who don't go to that forum might be interested in reading this. I welcome your comments. - Scott

I've been thinking about this one for a while, and after talking it over with Darren, I've decided to put my $.02 in. It's a bit long winded, but I'll try not to put you to sleep. Honest. We're in a rare situation here as the people who make and sell the music interact closely with the people who buy and enjoy the music. This way, we get to learn from each other, find out what matters to each other. This is obviously a contentious issue and isn't going away anytime soon. It's something that we're all passionate about, from those who don't want CD's to go away, to those who see downloads as the future. Think back to where we were 5 years ago. This wouldn't be as serious a discussion then. 10 years ago, downloads were in their infancy. 15 years ago, I was writing a monthly column for a trade magazine called New Age Voice about the Internet. Back then, it was big news if an artist or label even had a website. Where will we be in 5 years? 10? 15? There's definitely an evolution going on here. I'm not sure where it's headed, but there's still tons of great music being made, and that's what really matters.

As a DJ at an independent radio station, I see a lot of this firsthand. We're in the midst of a years-long project to archive all our CD's onto hard drives. We're not getting rid of CD's, just backing them up and making it easier for those DJ"s that are all digital (yes, there are some). But at the same time, there's still physical media. I see new cassettes from indie bands in our playlist. As Mike pointed out, indie bands are still making 7" singles. And we still get a few vinyl records from time to time. I don't think any of those are making a comeback. I think they're just filling niches. I think physical media will be with us for a while. Collectors like having a physical product to hold. And performing artists need something to sell at concerts. But I think that more and more, physical media will be the niche, and downloads (or perhaps streaming "cloud" music, or something else) will become the norm.

I grew up listening to classic rock on a crappy portable radio, then my dad's 8-tracks, then LP's on my mom's stereo. I went to NYC often on record buying trips in the mid to late 80's and came back with bags full of vinyl that I'd listen to for weeks. I bought my first CD player in 1985. My first CD? Eddie Jobson's Theme Of Secrets. Still one of my all time favorites. I remember the first promo CD an independent artist ever sent to me. That was a big deal at the time. There was a time when the only way independent musicians and labels could release music was on cassette. Now well over half of the music I get comes from downloads, either directly from the artists/labels, or from sites like Emusic or Bandcamp. I love having something to hold in my hands, and the recording quality matters a lot to me. But if the music's good, then the method of delivery isn't as important to me. I listened to my dad's 8-tracks over and over again. As horrible as the sound quality was, I loved the music.

What's been missing from this thread, and most of the others like it that I read, is the economics of the situation from the musician/label point of view. What little I've read, and what people have told me privately (which I won't repeat without permission) scares me. From the sounds of it, CD"s simply aren't selling, unless you're a performing musician. I'd really like to hear more about this. If not sales figures, then at least something that gives me more of an idea how things are going, both for those that rely on CD sales and those that have moved more into downloads. There are a lot more options for musicians/labels these days for download sales. Besides obvious outlets like Itunes and CD Baby, there are others like Emusic and Bandcamp, which I've been using a lot lately. There are different pricing options, even "pay what you want". I'm not addressing the netlabel/free download part of it here, as I want to hear more about the economics. Are musicians/labels still selling CD's? Are downloads selling? What makes more sense financially? We may get upset when a musician or label stops selling CD"s and goes download only, but we have to remember that there's usually an economic reason for it. The more we understand this, the better. There are musicians/labels that have stopped releasing music or have gone on hiatus because it isn't financially viable for them. Sad, but true.

From the listeners point of view, we should talk more about the value of music. With so many people illegally downloading music online, the big worry is that music will have no value. We need to look at what we value about music, and how we can retain that value. Collectors find value in a physical product, and don't find value in what's essentially a file on their hard drive. That's fine, but if one of your favorite musicians releases a download only project, will you ignore it because it has no value to you? In another forum, a band released an album of music as a free download as a thank you for their fans. And someone was upset because they didn't offer it for sale as a CD. To me, he's missing the point. It was a gift, and a nice one at that. I downloaded it, loved it, and am playing it on my show. When O Yuki Conjugate released The Euphoria Of Disobedience, their first album in something like 10 years, I wanted it. I'm a huge fan. And since I couldn't get a promo copy, I had to choose between spending $30 for a limited edition release in special packaging, or get it from Emusic (which cost something like $2). The economics of the situation forced me to go with Emusic. And it still blew me away. I value my download files as much as I do my CD"s. And though I get lots of promos, I still buy music sometimes, when I can't get an album any other way. And lately the economics of my situation mean that if I can get a download for less, than I will.

The economics from the listener point of view (and I still consider myself one) is that most of us have very limited budgets. MOre and more, we have to look for the value in any product. CD's might not be going away, but more and more artists and labels are turning to downloads. As a listener, will you spend your money on a CD? Or will you opt for a download? What are you willing to forgo, a physical product, or the music itself? IN my case, I want to hear the music. If it's a CD, great. If it's a download, that's fine too. If you opt for downloads, you have to accept that some artists/labels prefer releasing CD's. Perhaps if enough of you speak up on the subject, they will offer downloads *cough* Hypnos *cough*. If you want a CD, you have to accept that certain albums may only be available as a download. Again, if enough of you speak up on the subject, perhaps they will listen and offer a CD. And the musicians/labels out there need to decide which way to go. If it's financially viable to keep releasing CD's, great. If it's a download release, then still make it something people will value. Some labels may find a niche releasing download albums on CD. Others may find that releasing CD's is simply no longer a viable option for them. It isn't easy for either side, musician/labels or listeners. The more we understand each other, the better we'll all get through this.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Secret Music Playlist, January 9, 2011

Hi -

Here's my playlist for Sunday, January 9, 2011. Next week my guest will
be pianist Rick Cutler, who will be in to talk about his new CD. This week I played music from the Projekt label, whose offices were adversely affected in the
blizzard right after Christmas and will have to relocate as a result. I wish them the best of luck. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

Secret Music Playlist, 1/9/2011

Artist Song Album

The Omega Syndicate Archangel Synth Hosanna

Chuck Van Zyl Grave Matters Memoryspace
False Mirror Aftermath Derelict World
DB Where The Wild Things Are Analogue

The American Dollar Age Of Wonder Ambient Two
Hummingbird The Little Green Box Our Fearful Symmetry
Black Swan Part IV Black Swan

Nattefrost Draconian Dying Sun Scarlet Moon
Morpheusz Drowse At Dawn Days Of Delerium & Nocturnal Nightmares
Picture Palace Music Right Of Ascension Midsummer

Steve Roach Slow Dissolve Early Man
Jeff Greinke Harbor Island Cities In Fog
Black Tape For A Blue Girl All My Lovers The Scavenger Bride

As Lonely As Dave Bowman Pod Four Pod
Sam Rosenthal Diversion Before The Buildings Fell
Terrace Of Memories Dark Mist Rain Terrace Of Memories

Rick Cutler Charlottes Roads Before Her First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch William Ackerman For John Hannah Though We've Never Met New England Roads
Don Ross Red Ships Take Off In The Distance Breakfast For Dogs!
Loreena McKennitt Brian Boru's March The Wind That Shakes The Barley Gareth Pearson Billie Jean Urban Echoes Vol.1

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Secret Music Playlist, January 2, 2011

Hi -

Happy New Year to everyone! Here's my first playlist of the new year,
for Sunday, January 2, 2011. A ton of great new music this month. Coming up on my show Sunday, January 16, will be a live interview with pianist Rick Cutler. I won't be around on the 23rd as I have to work, but on Sunday, January 30, I'll have
a live interview with Jimmy Goodman of A Viberatto. Thanks for listening!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

Secret Music Playlist, 1/2/2011

Artist Song Album

David Parsons Mandala Akash

Magnetic Wind Infinity Astral Vortexes
The American Dollar Signaling Through The Flames Ambient One
The American Dollar A Few Words Ambient Two

Black Swan Part I Black Swan
Hummingbird Eemina Our Fearful Symmetry
Mains De Givre Un Chaeur D'ames En Detresse Esther Marie

Nattefrost Seduced By Grief Dying Sun, Scarlet Moon
Morpheusz Between The Barriers Of Reality Days Of Delerium & Nocturnal Nightmares Picture Palace Music Chill Coastal Zone Midsummer

Al Gromer Khan Mumtaz Mahogany Nights
Al Gromer Khan Hearts Of Space Beautiful Marva
Al Gromer Khan Mast Africaine Space Hotel
Al Gromer Khan & Kai Taschner Ghazal De Savoy Black Marble Sweet Fire

DB Foothills Analogue
False Mirror Wasteland Derelict World
Chuck Van Zyl All Souls' Day Memoryspace

Loreena McKennitt As I Roved Out The Wind That Shakes The Barley
William Ackerman Tbone Called It Motown New England Roads
Don Ross Godzilla Breakfast For Dogs!
Gareth Pearson Chinese Whispers Urban Echoes Vol.1