Sunday, August 27, 2017

Secret Music Playlist, August 27, 2017

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, 8/27/2017. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 8/27/2017

   Artist            Song            Album

Jon Hassell        Ravinia/Vancouver    The Surgeon Of The Nightsky...

Tom Heasley        Ground Zero        Where The Earth Meets The Sky

Jeff Greinke            Urban Pasture        Cities In Fog
Spectra Ciera & The Circular Ruins    Are We Lost Yet?   Mnemosyne
Green Isac            Ferry            Strings And Pottery
M.Griffin            Immobile        Sudden Dark

Lisa Hammer            Samsara            Dakini
Steve Gordon & Deborah Martin    Spirit Of The Mountain    Ancient Power
T-Bass UK            A Question Of Time    Goldtri Vol.1
Jerry Goodman        On The Future Of Aviation    On The Future Of Aviation

Alex Anderson        Under A Starless Sky        Tree Of Life
Ed Gerhard        If I Fell/In My Life        Counting The Ways
Gordon Giltrap            The Poacher        Elegy
Tim Farrell        Across The Northlands        Songs From Clarowood

Paul Hartzog             River Planet        Faces
Norman Grey    Mysterious Semblances In The Darkness    Once Upon A Time
Headshock            Vortex            Music From Peak Experience
Hemisphere            The Burning        Early Reflection
Mathias Grassow            Living Spaces        Psychic Dome

Steve Gorn            Hummingbird        Colors Of The Mind
Djavan Gasparyan        Lovely Spring        Moon Shines At Night
Lisa Gerrard            Sanvean            The Mirror Pool
David Gilden            Ancestral Voices Pt.1    Ancestral Voices

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Secret Music Playlist, August 20, 2017

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, 8/20/2017. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 8/20/2017

   Artist            Song            Album

Nunc Stans            Final Journey        Crossing Bridges
David Helpling        Dreams Of Smoke And Mist    A Sea Without Memory

Gypsy Witch        Hang On My Heartbeat        Unspoken
Michelle Qureshi        Shift            Seventh Wave
Secondface            Metamorphosis        Transitions

Campfire's Edge        Last Night In Pine Bush, NY    The Last Lighthouse
Vidna Obmana            Nearly Constant        Refined On Gentle Clouds
Robert Rich            Lapis        Live At The Gatherings 2015

Balmorhea            Bowsprit    Live At Sint Elisabeth-Kirk
Garth Green            U4EA            U4EA
Brian Gallaway            Rosebud Is A Sled    The Solace/Angst Ratio
Amy & Leslie            Hymn To Her        Amy & Leslie

Chuck Van Zyl        The Moment Of Totality        Celestial Mechanics

Steve Roach            Eclipse Mix (excerpt)    Eclipse Mix   

Adam Rafferty            Imagine        Play Pretty For The People
Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo    Antiphon II        Invocation
Aidia                Look To The Sky        Sweet Dreams
Mystic Journey        Delicate Rainbow Flower        Kingdom Of Mountains
Tom Caufield            Opening        Wash The Dusk With Silver

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Secret Music Playlist, August 13, 2017

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, August 13, 2017. Thanks muchly to Craig,
aka Errant Space for coming in to play for us. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 8/13/2017

   Artist            Song            Album

Robert Davies            Valley Of Mist        Estuary

Nunc Stans            Uncertain Destination    Secret Passages
The Circular Ruins        Vanishing Shore        Pathways

Chronotope Project        Primordial        Ovum
Stellardrone            Northern Lights        Between The Rings
Jim Ottaway        In Search Of The Lost Star    Deep Space Blue

Campfire's Edge            March Of The Tortoise    The Last Lighthouse
Vidna Obmana            Silver Growing        Refined On Gentle Clouds
Robert Rich            Entangled        Live At The Gatherings 2015

Errant Space            Untitled 1        Live
Errant Space            Chasing Changing Light    Unreleased

Errant Space            Untitled 2        Live
Errant Space            Begin Again        Unreleased

Errant Space            Under Tension        Sons De Meubles Modernes
Errant Space            Thendofour        Unreleased
Errant Space            Weird Terrain        Errant Space
Errant Space            The Flat Sea        Sons De Meubles Modernes

Monday, August 7, 2017

Secret Music News, August 2017

Hi -

  July was a nice month, featuring an interview and performance with
guitarist Matteo Palmer. It's heartening to see so much talent in someone so young. He's a great
guy and it was a pleasure to hear him play. I've got more
interviews/performances in the works, too. Ambient guitarist Errant Space
is coming in on August 13 to play live and talk to us. And in September,
harp guitarist Alex Anderson is coming in to play for us. I'm always open
to artists who want to come in to talk and/or play live. Just drop me a
line and we'll work something out.

  I've gotten some great new music lately, too. If you've got something
new you'd like me to hear, just let me know. CD's are always appreciated, but downloads are
fine and dandy as well. Whichever you prefer.

  Coming up in September is WVKR's annual fundraiser. The station gets
part of its funding from Vassar College, but the rest comes from the kind donations of our
listeners. We wouldn't be broadcasting if it weren't for them. If you'd
like to help, that's great. We're always looking for premiums we can offer
in exchange for donations. CD's are always welcome, but so are T-shirts,
downloads and other such goodies. If you have something you'd like to
contribute, please let me know. I really appreciate it.

  Here's my address for those of you who need it:

Scott Raymond/WVKR
PO Box 146
Fishkill, NY 12524                   

  For more info or weekly playlists, check out my website below. I'm also
on Facebook, so look for me there too. Here's my top 20 playlist for July, 2017. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

 WVKR-FM "Secret Music" TOp 20 Playlist
  July, 2017

1. Peter Calandra - The Road Home - PCM
2. Demen - Nektyr - Kranky
3. Catherine Marie Charlton - I Dream About This World - Phil's Records
4. Tony Masiello - Gathered Coincidence - Self Released
5. Jeffrey Koepper - MantraSequent - Projekt
6. Doug Wood - The Road Home - Self Released
7. Alien Nature & Michael Bruckner - The Dark Path - Neu Harmony
8. dreamSTATE - DRoNE Day - e-SPACE
9. Kevin Kastning and Mark Wingfield - The Line to Three - Greydisc Records
10. Forrest Smithson - Journey of the Outshining Source
11. Simon Wilkinson - Merging the Infinite - The Blue Mask
12. Charles Goff III - Files For Smoother Louver Lovers - Taped Rugs
13. SpiralDreams - Movements - Neu Harmony
14. Alluste - The Silence Of Time - Neu Harmony
15. William Basinski - A Shadow In Time - 2062 Records
16. Fenton - Mythic Failures - 12K
17. Altus - Sleep Theory Volume 3
18. Laraaji - Celestial Vibration - Soul Jazz
19. Charles Goff III & Walls Of Genius - Lodovico Cement - Taped Rugs
20. Joy Askew - Queen Victoria - Self Released

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Secret Music Playlist, August 6, 2017

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, 8/6/2017. Be sure to listen in next week
when my special guest will be Errant Space. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 8/6/2017

   Artist            Song            Album

Klaus Schulze            Mindphaser        Moondawn

Michelle Qureshi    We Were Once Like This        Seventh Wave
Gypsy Witch        The Never-Ending Stream        Unspoken
Secondface            Evolution        Transitions

Chronotope Project        Emanation        Ovum
Stellardrone            To The Great Beyond    Between The Rings
Jim Ottaway            Stars Of Ice        Deep Space Blue

Nunc Stans            Secret Passages        Secret Passages
Spectra Ciera & The Circular Ruins    The Black Lodge      Mnemosyne
The Circular Ruins    Satisfaction Of Knowing        Pathways

Robert Rich        Nesting On Cliffsides    Live At The Gatherings 2015
Vidna Obmana            Related Between        Refined On Gentle Clouds
Campfire's Edge            Like Amber        The Last Lighthouse

Errant Space            Highland Moire        Unreleased
Errant Space            Petrichor        Errant Space

Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo    Psalm            Invocation
Adam Rafferty            Superfreak    Play Pretty For The People
Aidia                A Gentle Breeze        Sweet Dreams
Mystic Journey            Home            Kingdom Of Mountains
Tom Caufield            Pathless Woods        Wash The Dusk With Silver
Rich Goodhart    In The Spirit's Eye    Never Give A Sword To A Man Who Can't

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Secret Music Playlist, July 30, 2017

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, July 30, 2017. Thanks very muchly to Matteo Palmer
for coming in and playing guitar for us. A wonderful talent and a great guy. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 7/30/2017

   Artist            Song            Album

Gert Emmens            The Confrontation    The Tale Of The Warlock

Fripp & Eno            Meissa            The Equatorial Stars
E.Fisch            I'm Not A Liar Anymore        E.Fisch
Frore                Trial By Fire        Undercurrent

Matteo Palmer            None Shall Be Afraid    Live
Matteo Palmer            White Caps        Live
Matteo Palmer            Acapella Portrait    Live

Matteo Palmer            Escaping Reality    Live
Matteo Palmer            Ribbon Candy        Out Of Nothing
Matteo Palmer            Elevator To The Moon    Embers

Julian Garrett            Nitrogen 3        Nitrogen
Christopher Franke        Chrysalis Part 2    Babylon 5
Michael Garrison    To The Other Side Of The Sky    In The Regions Of Sunreturn

Peter Gabriel            Dressing The Wound    Birdy
Ruben Garcia        I Can Feel The Heat Closing In    Maybe Forgotten Forever
Brian Gingrich            Field Moon Sky        Anxious Days And Forty Nights
Michael William Gilbert        Sundiata        Point Of Views

Free System Projekt & Dweller At The Threshold    Departure    Passenger 4
Foreign Spaces            Artificial Encounter    Phaeton
Bjorn Fogelberg            Trioxidation        Karooshi Porn
John Flomer            Prelude To Rising Land    One
Fayman & Fripp            The Sky Below        A Temple In The Clouds