Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Secret Music Playlist, May 19, 2013

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, May 19, 2013. Played a bunch of live
music for shows I'd seen or wanted to see. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

   Secret Music Playlist, 5/19/2013

   Artist            Song            Album

SEVA                Excerpt            Live At The Ambient Ping

Hollan Holmes            Lost Memories        Phase Shift
Amir Baghiri            Somewhere In Nowhere    Prayers For The Earth
Steve Roach            Heart Of Light        Future Flows

Radio Massacre International    A Sequenced Based Map...    Elive 2002
Radio Massacre International    Delaware Horseshoe Crab       Solid States

Brian Farmer            Crow Series 1        Cycles Vol.1
Brian Farmer            1.2.06            Music For Bathing
Sun An                Long Time        Quarter Year

Aetopus                Alley Of Dust And Soul    Angels And Machines
Fanger & Schonwalder        Kino's Piece        Analog Overdose
Wadephul            Encore            Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Tim Story            Lydia            The Perfect Flaw
Tim Story            Beguiled        Beguiled
Tim Story            The Moors        Threads
Tim Story            Caranna            Collected

Robert Fripp & The League Of Crafty Guitarists    Lark's Thrak 
Intergalactic Boogie Express
Brian Henke            Magic Spell #2        Seven Magic Spells
Mike Dawes            The Impossible        What Just Happened?
Patrick Woods            Crossing The Styx    Gone Before Morning
Julia Kent            Only Child        Character
Catherine Marie Charlton    Bluebirds Of Happiness    River Flow

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Secret Music News, May 2013

Hi -

  My name is Scott Raymond, and for those of you who don't know me, I'm a
New Age/Ambient/Electronic music DJ with WVKR-FM. WVKR is a 3700 watt
non-commercial station broadcasting from Vassar College to the greater
Hudson Valley region. My show, "Secret Music", has been on for over 25
years and has a large and devoted audience. The show airs every Sunday
from 9AM to 12 noon EST. For more information or to listen in online,
check out our website at     

  I'm always looking for new and interesting music to play. If you have
something you think I'd be interested in, feel free to send it to the address below. I'm perfectly
fine with downloads instead of CD's, especially for all you overseas
people who pay large sums of money to mail things here to the states. I
usually prefer high quality MP3's, though I can accept other formats if
necessary. Just send me an email for more info. At least half of what I
play these days comes to me through downloads. Thanks.                

  I'm glad to see that there are plenty of concerts in this genre of late.
I've been to a couple of local shows lately, one featuring guitarists Brian Henke, Helen Avakian
and Mark Sganga, and a piano concert featuring Louis Landon, Greg Maroney
and Joe Bongiorno. Both were great shows. And I'm going to see Ben Neill
play tomorrow night locally. He always puts on a great show. Hopefully
I'll get to see Robert Fripp and the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists play
in NYC later this month. And there were two larger events that I missed,
Ambicon in San Francisco, and the Zone Music Awards show in New Orleans. I
heartily encourage musicians to get out and play live if possible. It's a
great way to connect with your audience.

  I had a live interview with local musician Brian Farmer scheduled for
later this month, but it's been moved to Sunday, June 2 due to scheduling conflicts. I'm in
discussion with a couple of other artists who want to come talk and/or
play. I like talking to the artists and getting to know them. If you're in
the area or passing through and you have some free time on a Sunday
morning, let me know.

  There's a new service out called which allows you to record
radio shows (like mine). The website has more info. but it's basically a free service much
like a Tivo, which allows you to select and record radio shows for future
listening. Finally something for those of you who aren't around to listen
in on a Sunday morning.                  

  For more info or weekly playlists, check out my website below. I'm also
on Facebook, so look for me there too. Here's my top 20 playlist for April, 2013. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

  WVKR "Secret Music" Top 20 Playlist
      April, 2013

1. David Van Tieghem - Thrown For A Loop - DVT
2. Max Corbacho - The Ocean Inside - ad21 Music
3. Jack Hertz & Cousin Silas - Jaguars & Shamen - Aural Films
4. Remy & Synth.NL - Primitives - Groove Unlimited
5. Rene' Splinter - Singularities - Groove Unlimited
6. Cousin Silas & Friends - Silas & Friends Vol.1 - We Are All Ghosts
7. Glenn Main - Ripples - AD Music
8. Picture Palace Music - Indulge The Passion - Groove Unlimited
9. Darwin Raymond - Somewhere The Sun Shines Brightly - Analog Path
10. Bertrand Loreau - Nostalgic Steps - Spheric
11. Jack Hertz - Gilded Skies - We Are All Ghosts
12. Jack Hertz - Wetlands - Aural Films
13. Ethernet - Opus 2 - Kranky
14. Ron Boots - La Caida De Hormigon - Groove Unlimited
15. Pillion - Halcyon - Groove Unlimited
16. Chronotope Project - Chrysalis - Relaxed Machinery
17. Mirror To Mirror - Body Moving Slowly - Preservation
18. Pleq & Philippe Lamy - Momentum - Dataobscura
19. Eyes Cast Down - The Separate Ones - Self Released
20. Celer - Without Retrospect, The Morning - Glacial Movements

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Upcoming concert in NYC

Hi -

  I don't often promote concerts in NYC, as it's a bit of a drive for Secret Music listeners. This one is special, however. On Sunday, May 26 at 4pm, Robert Fripp and the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists will perform live at Saint Marks Church in-the-Bowery. Robert has been teaching Guitar Craft courses for many years and this performance is an offshoot of that. A lot of people with acoustic guitars playing in unison. Not to be missed. Here's links to the Orchestra website and a ticket link website. Enjoy!

Secret Music Playlist, May 12, 2013

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, May 12, 2013. I really like the new Ricochet
Dream releases (Wadephul and Fanger & Schonwalder). Also played some
Fripp and Eno, as Eno was in NYC last week and Fripp will be there soon
with the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists. I'm hoping to go to that one. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

   Secret Music Playlist, 5/12/2013

   Artist            Song            Album

Cousin Silas        Turning Towards Galaxy 7    Whispers Fall

Aetopus                Origin            Angels & Machines
Sun An                Papaya            Papaya
Brian Farmer            Schuman Freq 2        Cycles Vol.1

Robert Carty            Deep Silhouettes    Beautiful Depths
Robert Carty            Eco 3            Ecodrones
Dan Pound            At A Distance        Spherical

Wadephul        Ghosts In The Satellite        Ich Bin Ein Berliner
Code Indigo            Eco Nomic        Meltdown
Fanger & Schonwalder        Nebula Symphony        Analog Overdose

Hollan Holmes        The Road To Perdition        Phase Shift
Amir Baghiri            Nameless Sky        Prayers For The Earth
Steve Roach        Regeneration Revelation        Future Flows

Robert Fripp & The League Of Crafty Guitarists    Fireplace   Intergalactic
Boogie Express
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno    Evening Star        Evening Star
Brian Eno             An Ending (Ascent)    Apollo

Julia Kent            Fall            Character
Catherine Marie Charlton    Twilight        River Flow
Brian Henke            Magic Spell #7        Seven Magic Spells
Mike Dawes            Superstition        What Just Happened?
Patrick Woods            Far From Home        Gone Before Morning

Friday, May 10, 2013

Secret Music Playlist, May 5, 2013

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, May 5, 2013. Lots of great new stuff this month,
and a copy of Tangerine Dream's first album that I found on CD during Record Store Day.

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

   Secret Music Playlist, 5/5/2013

   Artist            Song            Album

Ukab Maerd            God's Elastic Acre    The Waiting Room

Robert Carty            Eco 1            Ecodrones
Robert Carty            Beautiful Depths    Beautiful Depths
Dan Pound            Of The Essence        Spherical

Aetopus            Angels & Machines Part 1    Angels & Machines
Namlook        The Dutch Side Of The Milky Way        Once Again, Again
Brian Farmer            Crow Variation 11    Cycles Vol.1

Fanger & Schonwalder        Triumphant Return    Analog Overdose
Code Indigo        Welcome To The Asylum        Meltdown
Wadephul            Suffering Sharks    Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Steve Roach            Spectrum Of Change    Future Flows
Amir Baghiri            A Sacred Place        Prayers For The Earth
Hollan Holmes        A Precarious Trajectory        Phase Shift

Tangerine Dream       Journey Through A Burning Brain    Electronic Meditation

Brian Henke            Willow            Seven Magic Spells
Patrick Woods            Magellan's Warning    Gone Before Morning
Mike Dawes        Somebody That I Used To Know    What Just Happened?
Catherine Marie Charlton    Bluebirds Of Happiness    River Flow
Julia Kent            Transportation        Character
Matthew Schoening        Third Rendition        Motif