Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Featured Artists: January 2010

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While I'm in catch up mode, let's continue with my featured artists for January, 2010. First is guitarist Alexander Turnquist. When January started, I didn't know he existed. I found out about him while checking out a concert with guitarist Kelli Rudick where he was the opening act. He sent me a copy of his latest CD, As The Twilight Crane Dreams In Color, and I was instantly hooked. He plays long, dense acoustic guitar pieces in the style of James Blackshaw. He's got an immense amount of talent for someone so young. And he lives right here in the Hudson Valley. I got him to come to the studio to perform live and he played wonderfully. Please check out his website and take a listen to his music.

The next feature for January is the group O Yuki Conjugate. They've been around now for over 25 years, playing ambient music of different styles. In fact, two years ago they reunited to play together and record an album to celebrate their 25th anniversary. That album, OYC25, just came out and not only features an album full of great ambient sounds, but a DVD of various performances and miscellany. Their website seems to be experiencing some difficulties at the moment, but check out their Wikipedia entry, which has a lot of useful info.

And lastly, I'd like to feature the netlabel Earth Mantra, which has been around for a couple of years now. Started by Darrell Burgan of Palancar and StillStream fame, it's all ambient music freely downloadable for your listening enjoyment. I've been a big supporter of the label all along, and they recently released The Hundredth Mantra, a compilation album that includes 4 CD's worth of great sounds. Take a look at their site and enjoy the music.

Scott Raymond

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