Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Secret Music Playlist, June 6, 2010 & June 13, 2010

Hi -

Here's my playlists for Sunday, June 6 2010 and Sunday, June 13 2010.

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524


Secret Music Playlist, 6/6/2010

Artist Song Album

ARC Falling Through To Rapture Church

Altus Dormant Skeletons Black Trees Among Amber Skies
Andrew Thomas A Dream Of A Spider Between Buildings And Trees
Stray Ghost Part 3 Nothing, BUt Death

Dan Pound Fade To Black Interlace
Dan Pound Way Of The Yogi The Fourth Way
Galactic Anthems System Sentinels Atmoworks Presents

Ben Fleury-Steiner Tender Is The Opaque Morning Keep A Weather Eye Open
Concert Silence Part 1 Concert Silence All India Radio & Josh
Roydhouse Part 1 Piano & Ambience

Erik Wollo Land Of Myths Gateway
Alio Die & Parallel Worlds Sorinel Circo Divino
Metcalf/Khalsa/Roach From The Inside Dream Tracker

Robert Rich Requiem Below Zero
Robert Fripp Requiem - Affirming Love Cannot Bear

Peter Biedermann Aquarian Flow Sound & Spirit
Brian Henke Winds Of November Tree Of Life
Ben Reynolds Death Songs How Day Earnt Its Night
David Harland Freedom Dance 1000 Mile Search
Rocky Fretz Will's Mountain The Path Ahead
Gordon Giltrap & Rick Wakeman The Light Of The World From Brush & Stone
Lisa Downing Repentance Think On These Things

Secret Music Playlist, 6/13/2010

Artist Song Album

Ricochet Gathering Keep Ending Keep On

Interstitial Iterative Atmoworks Presents
Dan Pound Way Of The Fakir The Fourth Way

All India Radio & Josh Roydhouse Part 3 Piano & Ambience
Concert Silence Part 3 Concert Silence
Ben Fleury-Steiner Blue Star Keep A Weather Eye Open

Altus Waiting For The Cover Of White Black Trees Among Amber Skies
Stray Ghost Part 1 Nothing, But Death

Erik Wollo First Arrival Gateway
Alio Die & Parallel Worlds Electrostatic Forest Circo Divino
Metcalf/Khalsa/Roach Thunder Walk Dream Tracker

Gareth Hardwick David Aversions
Corey Fuller November Skies Tokyo Seas Between
Jacob Newman Door To Cyano Triangle No Midpoint To Infinity

Peter Biedermann Saturated Sound & Spirit
Brian Henke Ant Hill Under The Sky Tree Of Life
Rocky Fretz Kim's Song The Path Ahead
David Harland Trimming Hedges 1000 Mile Search
Ben Reynolds Skylark How Day Earnt Its Night

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