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Secret Music Top 20 January 2011

Hi -

My name is Scott Raymond, and for those of you who don't know me, I'm a New
Age/Ambient/Electronic music DJ with WVKR-FM. WVKR is a 3700 watt non - commercial
station broadcasting from Vassar College to the greater Hudson Valley region. My show, "Secret Music", has been on for over 23 years and has a large and devoted audience. The show airs every Sunday from 9AM to 12 noon EST. For more information or to listen in online, check out our website at I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting music to play on my show. If you have something you think I'd be interested in, feel free to send it to the address below or email me for more info. If you're a local musician or just passing through the beautiful Hudson Valley region and you'd like to stop by for a live interview and/or performace, drop me a line and we'll work something out. Also, if you'd like
to send me downloads of your releases in lieu of actual CD's, that's fine with me, too. Just send me an email and let me know. Thanks.

I had three interviews in as many shows lately, and they all went very well. Thanks to Rick Cutler, Jimmy Goodman of A Viberatto, and Darren Bergstein of the One Thousand Pulses house concert series for coming in and talking to me. I'm always looking to book more live interviews and/or performances here in the WVKR studios. Let me know if you'd like to come visit.

I've received word that the next Electro-Music festival has been scheduled for early September in Huguenot, NY. If you're a musician who makes electronic music or even just a fan, I strongly urge you to go to this festival. Three days of playing with strange and new instruments, informative seminars, making new friends and of course, lots and lots of interesting live music. I always have a great time. make friends, and come home with bagfuls of CD's to listen to. Here's the info:

As far as promo copies of music go, I'm always happy to receive CD's. The surprise factor at finding a package in the mail is always welcome. Though these days, I've been getting more and more downloaded music as well. If you want to send me music that way, that's perfectly fine. Just let me know. I've had a couple of musicians ask me about this lately, so I thought I'd see how others felt. Have you gone to downloads for promo distribution, or are you sticking with CD's? Have you looked at options like Bandcamp and Dropbox as a way to distribute them? What sort of response are you getting from other DJ's? Maybe we can help each other and come up with solutions together.

I've increased my online presence. In addition to my blog, I now have two Facebook pages. One for the show itself, and a personal page where I can better connect with all of you. I hope you'll check them out and add me as a friend, if you haven't done so already. I'll be posting updates there on a more regular basis. Here's the relevant links:!/profile.php?id=1 0
00007481087 25!/pages/Secret-

Here's my top 20 list for January, 2011. I welcome your comments. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

WVKR-FM "Secret Music" Top 20 Playlist
January, 2011

1. Rick Cutler - First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch - New Dude Records
2. Will Ackerman - New England Roads - Lifescapes
3. Loreena McKennitt - The Wind That Shakes the Barley - Quinlan Road Limited
4. Black Swan - Black Swan - self released
5. Gareth Pearson - Urban Echoes Vol. 1 - CandyRat Records
6. Don Ross - Breakfast for Dogs! - CandyRat Records
7. DB - Analogue - Manor
8. Chuck Van Zyl - MemorySpace - Synkronos
9. False Mirror - Derelict World - self released
10. Nattefrost - Dying Sun/Scarlet Moon - Groove Unlimited
11. Picture Palace Music - Midsummer - Groove Unlimited
12. The American Dollar - Ambient Two - Yesh
13. David Parsons - Akash - Celestial Harmonies
14. Hummingbird - Our Fearful Symmetry - Fluid
15. The Omega Syndicate - Synth Hosanna - self released
16. Magnetic Wind - Astral Vortexes - self released
17. The American Dollar - Ambient One - Yesh
18. MorPheuSz - Days of Delerium and Nocturnal Nightmares - Groove Unlimited
19. Ombient - Rites Of Passage - self released
20. Mains De Givre - Esther Marie - Textura

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