Monday, October 19, 2015

Secret Music Playlists, October 11, 2015 & October 18, 2015

Hi -

  Here are my playlists for Sunday, 10/11/2015 and Sunday, 10/18/2015.
Lots of great new music this month. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 10/11/2015

   Artist            Song            Album

Bernhard Wostheinrich        Live In Hackensack    Live In New Jersey 2011

Deborah Martin            Dance Of The Faeries    Eye Of The Wizard
Bing And Ruth            Warble        Tomorrow Was The Golden Age
Steve Hauschildt    Eyelids Gently Dreaming        Where All Is Fled
Bryan Carrigan        Tellings From The Raven        Fall Into Winter

Sonic Skypilots            March Into Myst        March Into The Mist
Sensitive Chaos        March Of The Timeshifters    March Of The Timeshifters
Aetopus                Hypersuns        When
Bob Holroyd            Blueprint        Blueprint

Scott Cossu            Gwenlaise        Safe In Your Arms
Karen Marie Garrett        It's About Love        It's About Love
Neil Tatar             Learning To Fly        Learning To Fly
Michael Whalen            Ridge Running        You Are My Home

Andy Pickford            Phoenix            Vanguard
Parallel Worlds & Self Oscillate  My Window View    World Adapter
Jeffrey Koepper            Pantheon        Konnektions
Paul Ellis            She Walks In Beauty    Moth In Flames

Oliveros/Rothenberg/Hill    Several More Happened    Cicada Dream Band
Rothenberg/Erel        Unearthly Untaught Strain    Berlin Bulbul
Christmas Decorations        Closer To Carpet    Communal Rust

Kevin Keller            La Strada        La Strada
Peter Calandra            Night City        First Light
Catherine Marie Charlton    Sepia Moon        Maiden's Voyage
Paul Adams        The Mysteries Of Mood        Imaginings
Avakian/Champlin    Vision Of A Starry Night    Musikos Peripatos

   Secret Music Playlist, 10/18/2015

   Artist            Song            Album

William Basinski        The Deluge        Cascade Live

Sonic Skypilots            Night Stalker        March Into The Mist
Aetopus                Gather            When
Sensitive Chaos        The Romance Of Train Travel    March Of The Timeshifters
Bob Holroyd            The Unseen Scars    Blueprint

Bryan Carrigan            Enchanted Cabin        Fall Into Winter
Steve Hauschildt        Vicinities        Where All Is Fled
Bing And Ruth            Reflector        Tomorrow Was The Golden Age
Deborah Martin            Waiting            Eye Of The Wizard

Scott Cossu            Purple Mountain        Safe In Your Arms
Karen Marie Garrett    Deschutes River Sunrise        It's About Love
Neil Tatar             Missing You        Learning To Fly
Michael Whalen     No Matter How Many Skies Have Fallen    You Are My Home

Andy Pickford            Wish            Vanguard
Jeffrey Koepper            After Glow        Konnektions
Parallel Worlds & Self Oscillate  Ground Warmth        World Adapter
Paul Ellis            In Flagrante Delicto    Moth In Flames

Steve Roach            Disc 1 Part 2        Journey Of One
Steve Roach             Disc 2 Part 3        Journey Of One

Kevin Keller            Moments Lost In Time    La Strada
Peter Calandra            First Light        First Light
Catherine Marie Charlton    Autumn Leaves        Maiden's Voyage
Paul Adams            Just Such Beauty    Imaginings
TUU                Illumination        All Our Ancestors

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