Monday, September 19, 2016

Secret Music Playlist, September 11, 2016

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, September 11, 2016. This was my portion
of the annual WVKR pledge drive, and I raised over $800. Thanks to everyone who called
in and pledged. It really means a lot to me to know that you listen and
enjoy what I do. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 9/11/2016

   Artist            Song            Album

The Tangent Project        Elliptical        Live At The Gatherings

Peter Calandra            Gertrude's Nose        Ashokan Memories
Peter Calandra            Clyde And The Pearl    Inner Circle
Helen Avakian            Icarus            Notes From Helen

Dave Luxton            Cascadia        Fuzzy Music
Dave Luxton            A Place Called Home    Remnants
Aetopus                Hypersuns        When

Rich Osborn            Into The Silent Land    Giving Voice
Rich Osborn        New Ledger Book Stories        Freehand
Stanton Lanier            Across The Skies    A Thousand Years

Lorrie Sarafin            The Last Buffalo    Many Paths
Lorrie Sarafin            It's A Dry Heat        Second Wind
Greg Maroney            Lake Song        Lake Song

Roy Mattson            Entering Currents    Endless River
Roy Mattson            Transitory Season    Intersecting Skies
Roy Mattson            Disembodied Soul    In The Wind
Roy Mattson        Invitations And Consolations    Mesmer

Onewayness & Drachemusik    In Charity        The Sound Of Thunder

The Tangent Project        Foregone        Return

Jill Haley        Floating In The Narrows       Zion & Bryce Canyon Soundscapes
Masako                Glastenbury, VT        Masako
Catherine Marie Charlton    Introspection        Red Leaf, Grey Sky
Lorrie Sarafin            Circle Of Peace        Many Paths

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