Sunday, November 6, 2016

Secret Music Playlist, November 6, 2016

Hi -

  I was away the last two weeks for some much needed vacation time. Here's
my playlist for Sunday, 11/6/2016. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 11/6/2016

   Artist            Song            Album

Jason Sloan            Egress            Haven

Rudy Adrian        Theme From Subantarctica    Coastlines
Dean DeBenedictis    To The Ends Of Elation        Salvaging The Present
Tom Eaton            Gravity            Indesterren

Secret Sky        Black Is The Colour        Secret Sky
Christopher Tignor    One Eye Blue, One Eye Black (Blue)   Along A Vanishing
Carl Weingarten            Spurlos            An Endless Premonition

Duet For Theremin & Lap Steel    Dulcamara        10
Tim Story & Hans-Joachim Roedelius    Cell Two    The Roedelius Cells
Altus                Reflection        Innerspace

Survive                A.H.B.            RR7349
Slow Dancing Society        Halcyon House        The Wagers Of Love...
Byrom Metcalf        Garden Of The Peaceful Warrior    Inner Rhythm Meditations

Centrozoon            Woortex            The Room Of Plenty
Centrozoon            Sign            Blast

Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo    Exordium        Perspectives
Ken Elkinson            How            Why
Spencer Elliott            The Tournament        Unspoken
Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer    Awakening Breath    Whispers From Silence
Louis Colaiannia        Winter's Edge        Four Days In My Life

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