Friday, September 28, 2018

Secret Music Playlists, September 2018

Hi -

  Here are my playlists for Sunday, 9/9/18, Sunday, 9/16/18 and Sunday,
  9/23/18. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 9/9/2018

   Artist            Song            Album

Steve Roach            Electron Birth        Electron Birth

Poemme                Forest Hymn        Moments In Golden Light
Altus                Final Approach        Pioneer
Loneward            Remain            Protection

Paul Avgerinos            Formless        Mindfulness
David Arkenstone        Red Sun            Colors Of The Ambient Sky
Biome                C Ov Bioluminescence    The Shores Of Temenos

Michelle Qureshi        County Line Road    Short Stories
Neil Patton            The Turning Page    Solitaire
Eric Bikales            Clockwork        Follow Your Heart
Chad Lawson            Beautiful The Night    Re Piano
Tom Caufield        In The Realm Of The Senses    Deep Cuts From The Moral

The Nightcrawlers        Modulus Four        Traveling Backwards
The Nightcrawlers        Traveling Backwards    Traveling Backwards

Pieter Nooten            Freefall        Stem
Dreamstate            Part Two        Ephemeral Drone
Chris Russell            Odjek            Echo

Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell    Underclouds        Dystopia
Hertz & Spivey            Mind Is The Killer    Through Corridors Bright
Mingo                Primordial        Echoes In A Shallow Sea

   Secret Music Playlist, 9/16/2018

   Artist            Song            Album

Cryptic Scenery            Hospitals I        Hospitals
Steve Roach            Looking For Safety    Return To The Dreamtime

Poemme                A Small Procession    Moments In Golden Light
Loneward            Recall            Protection

Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell    Into The Distance    Dystopia
Hertz & Spivey            Perpetual State        Through Corridors Bright
Mingo                Forestland        Echoes In A Shallow Sea

Pieter Nooten            2:26 AM            Stem
Dreamstate            Part Five        Ephemeral Drone
Chris Russell            Varuna            Echo

Ogurusu Norihide        #2            Modern
Nebula Drone        The Roswell Documents    A Long Fade Into Virtual Light
Maneki Neko        The Road To Madurai        Auracle
Loren Nerell        Bamboo, Iron, Resin, Bronze    Lilin Dewa

Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze    Wish You Were There Part I    Dark Side Of The Moog
Nemesis                Vertical Horizon    Gigaherz
Robert Marselje        Discover The New World        Waves In The Sky
Nailgun                Time            Soft Invaders

Nightnoise            Timewinds        Something Of Time
Nightnoise        Snow Is Lightly Falling        The Parting Tide
Nightnoise            Shadow Of Time        Shadow Of Time
Nightnoise            Moondance        The White Horse Sessions
Nightnoise            Hugh            At The End Of The Evening

   Secret Music Playlist, 9/23/2018

   Artist            Song            Album

Kat Epple            Rhythms Of Nature    Unreleased

Forrest Fang            Nocturnum        Unreleased
Tom Eaton            Antrim            Unreleased
Bill Nelson            The Spirit Cannot Fail    Chance Encounters...

Rich Osborn            Into The Silent Land    Giving Voice
Greg Maroney            Night Stars        Lake Song
Jill Haley        Hoodoo Silhouettes    Zion & Bryce Canyon Soundscapes

Peter Calandra            Carpe Noctem        Carpe Noctem
Peter Calandra            Better Angels        Inner Circle
Catherine Marie Charlton    Be Still, My Soul    River Flow

Meg Bowles            Hymnus            Evensong
Dave Luxton            Cascadia        Fuzzy Music
Jeff Pearce            Constellations        From The Darker Seasons

Steve Roach             Nostalgia In waves    Nostalgia For The Future
The Tangent Project        Signals In Between    Fuse

Louis Landon            Prayer For America    Unreleased
Feral Science            Terminal Moraine    Unreleased
Skin Mechanix        Glorianna The Fallen Star    Unreleased
Bill Nelson    Calling Heaven, Calling Heaven, Over    Chance Encounters...

Meg Bowles            Chalice Of Shadows    Evensong
Jeff Pearce        The River In Late Autumn    From The Darker Seasons

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