Sunday, November 4, 2018

Secret Music Playlist, November 4, 2018

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, 11/4/2018. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 11/4/2018

   Artist            Song            Album

Bernhard Wostheinrich        Weisses Venn        Elsewhere

Sarah Davachi            Third Hour        Gave In Rest
Intersonic Subformation        Senses Vs.The Machine    Space Projects For The End
Tatira                We Became Light        Fire Everlasting

Todd Barton            Floating World        Tone Science Module #2
Less Bells            Desert            Solifuge
Jarguna                Way Of The Bronze    Trapped Vol.2

Kastning/Szabo/Major        Ethereality I        Ethereal II
Aidia                A Beautiful Fall    A Beautiful Fall
Ryan Judd            Looking Back        An Open Sky
Christopher Kull        Solace            Solace
Doug Hammer            Crumbling Wall        Celtique

Marc Barreca            Clavilux        Shadow Aesthetics
Juliana Stein        Rowing To The Island Camp    Pillowscape
Aaron Marshall            Point Reyes        Norcal

Jeff Pearce            The Emergence        The Gatherings Vol.2
Xisle            The Domain Of Arnheim        The Gatherings Vol.2

Suss                Wichita            Ghost Box
Christopher Sky            End Of An Era        Vastness
Madhavi Devi            Luminescent Hue        The Truth Of Being

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  1. Thanks so much for including my track, Looking Back, from An Open Sky, on your Secret Music Playlist!!!