Monday, February 18, 2019

Secret Music Playlists, February 2019

Hi -

  Here are my playlists so far for February, 2019. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 2/3/2019

   Artist            Song            Album

Frederic Gerchambeau & Bertrand Loreau       Eka        Catvaratempo

Steve Hauschildt        Mpath            Dissolve
David Buchs            Dream 1            Dreams
Forrest Smithson        Given            The Accomplished View

TM Solver            Refinery        Delay Line
MTA Lab                Nervous Sequence    Autumn
Opera's Space            NanoSchnaken        Artefakt

Faith Angelina            Top Of The Mountains    Notes From Zion
Casey Crosby            Marlogue Wood        November
Cory Lavine            Riding The Wind        Out Of The Blue
Michael Kollwitz        Sunday Morning        Serenity III
Eugene Friesen & Joel Martin    The Blonde By The Pond    A Perfect Sunday

Otarion                Place Of Mystery    Evolution
Otarion                First Mystery        Creator
Otarion                NIghtfall        Faces Of The Night

K.Leimer        To Force Closed Our Eyes    Useless Epitomes
K.Leimer            Nonadaptive Layers 5    Useless Epitomes
Saloli                Barcarolle        The Deep End
Cyberchump            Procession        After

Kevin Keller            Ice World 1        Ice Worlds
Forrest Fang            Night Procession    The Fata Morgana Dream
Robert Rich            The Abiding Wheel    Tactile Ground
Robert Rich             Glassmaker's Sand    Tactile Ground

   Secret Music Playlist, 2/10/2019

   Artist            Song            Album

Ramp                Dharma            Electric Karma

Forrest Smithson        Luminous Resolve    The Accomplished View
David Buchs            Vision 1        Dreams
Steve Hauschildt        Saccade            Dissolve

K.Leimer            Declension Of Need    Useless Epitomes
Saloli                Hey Ahh            The Deep End
Cyberchump            Time            After

Faith Angelina            Notes From Zion        Notes From Zion
Casey Crosby            Indian Summer        November
Cory Lavine            Out Of The Blue        Out Of The Blue
Michael Kollwitz        Soft Forest        Serenity III
Eugene Friesen & Joel Martin  The Desert And The Parched Land    A Perfect

O Yuki Conjugate        Savannah Nocturne    Primitive
O Yuki Conjugate        Niobium            Sunchemical
O Yuki Conjugate        Gathering Shadows    Equator
O Yuki Conjugate        Estuary            The Euphoria Of Disobedience

MTA Lab                Electronic Western    Autumn
TM Solver            New Sparkle        Delay Line
Opera's Space            Express Service        Artefakt

Kevin Keller            Ice World 6        Ice Worlds
Forrest Fang            Her Fading Image    The Fata Morgana Dream
Robert Rich            The Sentience Of Touch    Tactile Ground
Robert Rich             Heat Island Effect    Tactile Ground

   Secret Music Playlist, 2/17/2019

   Artist            Song            Album

Michael Bruckner    Seen From A Thousand Miles    During A Lull And Other
Tales     Ramp                Assassins        Electric Karma

TM Solver            Artificial Sequence    Delay Line
MTA Lab                Ride Movie        Autumn

K.Leimer    Music That Conceives Of Itself As Music    Useless Epitomes
K.Leimer            Naive Music 4    Useless Epitomes
Saloli                Anthem            The Deep End
Cyberchump            Uneven            After

Robert Rich            Eroding Columns        Tactile Ground
Robert Rich             Tentative Unfolding    Tactile Ground
Forrest Fang        Lullaby For A Twin Moon        The Fata Morgana Dream
Kevin Keller            Ice World 3        Ice Worlds

Ozone Player            Insane Logic        Insane Logic
Ozone Player            The Wobbling Wardrobe    E
Ozone Player   We Are All Carrying The Burden Of Our Future  Frozen Paint
On Boiling Canvas Ozone Player            A Turtle's Diary    Orange Apples

Palancar            Elysium Mons        Elysium Planitia
Palancar            Crowd Of Stars        Shallow River Flowing
Palancar    The Rain Is FUll Of Ghosts Tonight    Counting Raindrops

Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy    Shadowed Transistion    Phantasma
Craig Padilla            FIrst Light        Below The Mountain
Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms    Realizing The Infinite    Path Of Least

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