Sunday, January 3, 2010

Secret Music Playlist, January 3, 2010

Hi -

Here's the first playlist of the new year. Always good to start with a bang, and Redshift fit the bill nicely. Tons of great new stuff this month, including several CD's that I picked up at the Electro Music 2009 festival back in October. Enjoy!

Secret Music Playlist, 1/3/10

Artist Song Album

Redshift Broken World Wild 3

Mahoney & Peck Initial Launch Electro Music 2008 Sampler
Earthgirl Night Rising Electro Music 2008 Sampler
Jonathan Block Droplets Electro MUsic 2009 Sampler
Symmetry Octane The Demo

O Yuki Conjugate 25:01 OYC25
Soriah Yoallicuicatl Atlan
Phillip Wilkerson One Prayer, One Hundred Answers The Hundredth Mantra
Copal River Extinguishing The Stars The Hundredth Mantra

Modulator ESP Quadratic Time Zero
Andreas Akwara Part 4 Quantum
Picture Palace Music Spreading Disease Curriculum Vitae 1
Wadephul Cosmic Cruiser WHen Aliens Meet A Drop Of Water

David Parsons Jyuti Jyuti
Bruno Sanfilippo Part 2 Piano Textures 2
Max Corbacho Choir Ecstasy Ars Lucis

Arcane Timelapse Tomorrow's Wasteland
Uwe Reckzeh Fall Line Unnatural Light
Takla Makan Dun Fell Landlines

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