Sunday, January 31, 2010

Secret Music Playlist, January 31, 2010

Hi -

Here's my playlist for today, January 31, 2010. This was a special show
today. My math is a little fuzzy on this, but this date approximates a milestone
for Secret Music. As of this point, I've been doing this show for half my life. I
started in June of 1987, over 22 years ago. Amazing how time flies when
you're having fun. I've got so many stories to tell from over the years.
I've met so many great people, musicians, audience and others, so I thought
it would be a fitting tribute to honor some of the great musicians I've met
over the years. Most of these people I've had live in the studio, and many
of them have played live for me over the years. The first piece by Holosphere
was recorded live on my show. What sticks out in my memory about these people
isn't so much that they're great musicians. They are, but what matters more is
what great people they were. A lot of them were just really cool people who have impacted my life in some form or another. And that's what keeps things interesting after all these years.

Here's an amusing little anecdote: Over the years, I've had many
different guest hosts and assistants. They've all had their impact on the show.
Carl Linich, Doug McCorkle, Pat Brentano, Ken Harris, Renaissance, and most
recently Shantal Riley. I'm indebted to them all for their help over the years. During the show, I mentioned this and thanked them all by name. Shortly afterwards,
I got a call from Ken. He was driving through and heard me. I hadn't heard from
him in ages. It made my day.

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

Secret Music Playlist, 1/31/10

Artist Song Album

Holosphere Untitled Live At WVKR 6/22/03
Usr/Sbin The Dying Light Of November The Dying Light Of November Days

Jonathan Dickau Voyager Glimpses Of A New Age
Alexander Turnquist Chapter 3 Sleep Chapter
Brian Farmer Current Music For Bathing
Jim Pospisil The Twenty Year Secret Unreleased

Mark Jenkins Red Bank This Island Earth
Kevin Bartlett Across My Heart Near Life Experience
Robert Rich Lifeblood Propagation

Erdem Helvacioglu Frozen Resophonic Altered Realities
Thought Guild Distant Star Context
Chris Lane In A Presence Memory Boxing
Gilead Limor Star Palace You Are The Stars

Amy Fradon & Leslie Ritter Crazy Life Amy & Leslie
Roy Peters Sagamore Convergence
Kevin Keller Moderato Unharvested
Matthew Zachary Followthrough Every Step Of The Way
Louis Landon Peaceful Unwind
Robin Spielberg Return Of A Knight Heal Of The Hand

Will Ackerman The Inexorable Drift Of Tectonic Plates The Opening Of Doors Chinapainting Voice In The Ruins Chinapainting Tinh We're Still Soldiers Acoustic Rain
Scott Helland Tall Tales From The Tavern Catapult
Brian Gallaway Noumena Noumena
Peter Calo The White Ant Cape Ann

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  1. Hey Scott. Long time no speak. Thanks for the mention. Really happy to know you're still doing what you love. Congrats on everything. MZ