Sunday, June 11, 2017

Secret Music Playlist, June 11, 2017

Hi -

  Here's my playlist for Sunday, June 11, 2017. Next week will be my 30th
anniversary show. There will be an interview/performance with Pete Calandra, and lots and
lots of unreleased music provided by very kind musicians. I hope you can
listen in. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

   Secret Music Playlist, 6/11/2017

   Artist            Song            Album

Dynamo Snackbar        The Paradox Of Plankton        The Paradox Of Plankton

Lord Of The Ants   Vision At The Abandoned Temple    First King
Andy Pickford            Elektra            Vanguard 3
Glenn Main            Promethium        Live In Dortmund

Pausal                Murmuration II        Avifaunal
Mystified            Down To The Pier    Morning City
Chris Russell            Beginnings        Labyrinth

Jesper Sorensen            Far Away Places        Synthology
The Fourth Dimension Project  Beyond The End Of Time    Sound Dimensions
Ansatheus    Particular Signals From Mintaka        In The Constellation Of Kesil

Steve Roach            Phosphene View        Painting In The Dark
Peter Challoner            Spirit Escaping        E-Scape 2017

Holosphere            Untitled 2        Live At WVKR 6/22/03
Christopher Cameron        Untitled 2        New Music Spring 2010

Peter Calandra            Peekamoose        Ashokan Memories
Scott Helland            Ants With Plaid Pants    Never End The Rocket Century
Alex Anderson            Black Diamond        Tree Of Life
Wall Matthews              The White Birds        Before The World Was Made
Antoine Dufour    Electromagnetic Sun Powered Starship (acoustic)    Back & Forth
Antoine Dufour    Electromagnetic Sun Powered Starship (electric)    Back & Forth
One Alternative         Roadless Travel        Twilight       

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