Sunday, June 18, 2017

Secret Music Playlist, June 18, 2017

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  Today was my 30th anniversary show. I started at WVKR on June 17, 1987. 30 years later, I'm still here playing wonderful music. To celebrate, I asked musicians to send me unreleased music that I could use for the occasion. The response was overwhelming. Some were specifically composed for the situation, some were from people I hadn't heard from in years, and a couple were from people I'd never heard of before. And too much to fit into one show, even with extra time. And to top it off, Peter Calandra came up from NYC to play some new improvised pieces for us, and I got to play the world premiere of his new album too. Here's the playlist. If anyone recorded the show, please let me know. Thanks to everyone who listened, thanks to all the people who sent me music to play today, thanks to Peter Calandra for coming in to play live, and thanks most of all to WVKR for putting up with me all these years. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond

            Secret Music Playlist, 6/18/2017

   Artist            Song            Album

Duet For Theremin And Lap Steel      Live At The Earl March 28    Unreleased

Josh Johnston        Capital City: Dublin (edit)    Unreleased
Anne Trenning            Beautiful Song        Unreleased
Catherine Marie Charlton  I Dream About This World    Unreleased
Louis Landon            Prayer For America    Unreleased

Wall Matthews            The Tree Toad    Before The World Was Made
Kevin Packard            Before Dawn        Unreleased
Andrew J.Douglas        Alter Venus        Unreleased

Goff/Lagrega         Underview Of A Phenomenon    Unreleased
Kat Epple            Rhythms Of Nature    Unreleased

Steven Lance            Bliss Island        Unreleased
Errant Space        Chasing Changing Light        Unreleased
Feral Science            Terminal Moraine    Unreleased

Peter Calandra            Untitled 1        Live
Peter Calandra            Untitled 2        Live
Peter Calandra            Untitled 3        Live
Peter Calandra            The Road Home        The Road Home

Forrest Fang            Nocturnum        Unreleased
Galactic Anthems        Illusion Of Power    Unreleased
Jim Ottaway        Secrets Of The Zodiac        Unreleased

Tom Eaton            Frost            Unreleased
Skin Mechanix        Glorianna The Fallen Star    Unreleased
Meg Bowles            Hymnus 1        Unreleased
Martin Franklin            Deserted Cities        Unreleased
Martin Franklin            Ghost Jar        Unreleased

Skin Mechanix            Zyra's Tune        Unreleased
Eddie Jobson            Theme Of Secrets    Theme Of Secrets

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